Friday, January 24, 2014

Spur Of The Moment Decisions

On Friday mornings I teach a 5:45am spinning class that is hit or miss. Sometimes it can be a good group, but usually it's just a couple of brave souls.

Today I had no one. 

It's cold. Early. Friday. 

But I was there so why not make the most of it? Since I had planned to teach spin, I hadn't come to the gym with a workout in mind. I won't make that mistake again! 

Instead of heading home or doing yet more cardio, I improvised and decided to the do a lower body blast. Here's what I did: 

Do you have a go-to workout if something just doesn't work out that day? How do you improvise? 

What about for other things in life? Do you have a backup notebook if the computer battery runs out or you get inspiration for a story in the grocery store? 


  1. I rarely have a backup plan, but I'm good about thinking on my feet and finding another way. I've been known to end silverware using it for a job for which it was never intended. I once used a notebook wire to secure a dropped muffler until I could get to a repair place. (I've also driven forward to rip one off when there was no other way.)

    And my knees hurt just reading about your workout. :)

    1. Love it Terri! I too am a misuser of the silverware. I don't think there has been a job yet that I have attempted to tackle with a butterknife!

  2. To me, that would have been a sign that I was meant to do something else. Like...go to Starbucks. But I do have back up computers...many of them at the moment. And always travel with a book...and notebooks.

    1. Usually I would have taken it that way too! But that's what I'm trying to focus on this year..."Deciding" the best option for the goals I've set. :)

  3. I admit, if I were up, dressed for the gym, at the gym...I'd probably get on a treadmill before leaving for Starbucks.


What did you decide today?