Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Reigniting the Fire: Taking Back My Passion for Writing

Reigniting the Fire: Taking Back My Passion for Writing

It’s been right over a year since I last posted on this blog and while I’d like to claim it was because I was busy writing, that would be only a half-truth. While I have been writing, blogging on other sites, dealing with a job change, handling my husband relocating for a job and other life events, I also haven’t blogged because I’d lost the fire inside that made writing burn for me.

Again, I was writing. Even writing some good stuff, but writing about writing seemed false at the time. I was still working my way through the first book so who the hell would want to hear from me. I should have remembered that I was a newbie and I would have liked to have read someone else’s posts on what those first years were like and how to find your way as a writer. Hindsight and all that.

Today I'm starting a new workshop I hope will not only get me writing faster, but will be like jumping feet first back into the fire of writing. My hopes are up that it will really get me going again and not just with output. I want to burn with the need to keep writing a story. To move my characters along and see where they end up. I’m looking for a spark on my happiness with writing. And yes, with talking about writing.

Because you don’t have to be published to have something to say about writing. Or even just to feel the release that writing about your issues with writing will give you. There’s a whole lot of meta going around in mind right now!

So, wish me luck in my new workshop – Book In A Month withCandace Havens. I’m going to need it since 20 pages a day is the goal. Holy Mackerel what did I get myself into.