Thursday, June 16, 2011

Not Going to Nationals?

If you're like me and not able to make it to Nationals this year (for those of you who don't know what Nationals is, it's the Romance Writers of America's Yearly National Conference) you're probably feeling pretty down about it. I know I am. :(
One thing I've done for years that I've found very helpful is to head over to the site and check out the workshops section of the conference. In an amazing show of support and sharing with authors who can't attend, many workshop presenters have their workshop handouts available for download online.
Now, some of these handouts don't make much sense without hearing the session that goes with them (which you can order the recording of after the conference) but most of them are actually extremely helpful!
You can get some of the benefit of the conference workshops without actually being there.
So, head over to this page and see what workshops you are interested in that offer their handouts already. I'll think you'l find at least a few that will give you some new insight into your writing or writing career. (Make sure to check out that updated SHOW ME THE MONEY handout for a real look at authors make on books at some publishing houses)
Are you one of the lucky few heading to Nationals? If so, what workshops are you most excited about? Or if workshops aren't your thing, what are you most looking forward to. If you aren't going then are you doing anything special to pump up your writing during that time?
Make sure to take advantage of writing during the time everyone else is at conference . You'll feel better about not being there and it may even inspire you to push yourself.
Now Go Write The Damn Book!
Sabrina Shields