Sunday, September 19, 2010

She's a Contest Queen, New & Green...

After my last post about promising myself to get out there as a writer, I'm excited to say that my entry Say Goodbye made it to Round 2 in my very first contest at Romance In The Backseat!

Our 2nd chapters are supposed to be written in the opposite POV from our opening scene and were posted this weekend. You can check out (and hopefully vote for) my new scene from the hero's POV here.

In even more exciting news, I finally submitted my 1st chapter entry of A Passion to Protect to the Mills & Boon New Voices contest. I'm particularly excited about this because it's my actual WIP and I'm hoping for some really good constructive criticism to help me improve and develop as a writer.

It would mean the world to me for you to go check it out and leave me a comment. Good or bad, I'm just hoping for some good critiques. Check out my entry here.

Wish me luck with my contest entries! Now, I'm off to keep writing on the WIP just in case the absolutely amazing happened and I keep going in the contest. :)


  1. Read your first chapter...nice! Set the rest of the story up nicely! And look forward to your second step in the POV challenge...

    Very cool, Sabrina!

  2. Thank you Maureen! It's my first time letting anyone read the WIP at all - let alone judge it so it's kind of nerve racking, but I'm doing it for the comments so I can learn what I need to do better.

    Thanks for checking it out!

  3. Way to go Sabrina!

  4. Sabrina, good for you on jumping into the contests! And congrats!

    I read your first chapter and really enjoyed it. I like how it zipped me right into the story, and then the last paragraph let me know just how big the obstacle between them is going to be. Can't wait to read more. :)


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