Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2011 Writing Goals - Getting Serious

I've been MIA from this blog for quite awhile and you'll see that it's part of my 2011 goals to make sure I'm posting here regularly. What better way to kick-off my first post of 2011 with a real look at both my short term and long term goals for my writing and hopefully my "writing career." These lists are not all-inclusive - I'll be updating and adding to them as I achieve goals and move forward. I've tried to keep them around 10 or so goals for now. Please let me know what you think and what are your goals for 2011?

2011 BIG Goals:

  1. Finish 1st draft of A Passion to Protect (30,000 words to go)
  2. Edit & then complete 2nd draft of A Passion to Protect
  3. Fully participate in new online critique group
  4. Submit A Passion to Protect to Harlequin Intrigue
  5. Begin writing 1st Book in new Urban Fantasy series idea (This one has been begging me to work on it)
  6. Consider writing a Novella for E-Pub (Determine if any current story ideas would work well with this)
  7. Join RWA & RWA local chapter
  8. Find 2-3 local writers to meet face to face at least 1x monthly
  9. Further develop my writing skills
  10. Build my writer's platform - Exp. Build up followers on Blog & Twitter, connect with other writers/readers & start building an audience before publishing 1st book
  11. Identify who really could be my writing Mentor and build that relationship

2011 small Goals to Reach the BIG Goals:

  1. Commit to writing at least 5 days per week. Any amount of words - just ass in chair.
  2. Work-up to writing at least 500 words a day on those 5 days per week. (at 2,500 words be week minimum, It should take NO LONGER THAN 12 weeks to finish A Passion to Protect - hopefully I can write more than that but let's work on AIC first)
  3. Sell boxed-up books (HUNDREDS of them) on Amazon to pay for RWA fees
  4. Continue putting writing samples out to the world for feedback
  5. Finish reading GMC by Debra Dixon (Thanks to my AWESOME secret Santa who gifted me at Christmas!)
  6. Commit to at least 2-3 Blog posts each week. At least 1 should focus on my writing progress & lessons learned that week.
  7. Commit to posting to online critique group 1x per week.
  8. Join local RWA chapter to find those 2-3 writers who would meet separately from that 1x per month.
  9. SUCK IT UP & find a way to connect with those big name authors who you KNOW live in your area. (yeah, I have a few that write what I want to write and I need to connect with them)
  10. Communicate more with those writers who could become mentors. Since I was slacking on the writing I didn't want to approach someone and not be ready, but I have a few authors who have reached out and I think would make great career mentors. I'd like to develop this and reach out and see who fits best and honestly how much they want to really help. Maybe it's more than 1 writer - one for different parts of my writing/career?

What do you think of these for a start? Have you created goals for your own writing? If so, what small goals or steps are you taking to insure you reach them or stay on track? Please share - I need all the tips and help I can get!

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  1. I highly recommend joining your local RWA. I've been seriously writing for about 2 years now, and just sold my first novel to an e-publisher. Would never have happened without the help and encouragement of my chapter.


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