Monday, June 28, 2010

Writing Funny: Do You Have to Be In The Mood to Write Humor?

When I envision myself looking back in 10 years over the library of books I've had published (yes, wishful thinking is key to this post) I'm hoping that there is one constant between them all - humor.

For me, I can't image not having "the funny" as a central part of my writers voice and that should carry across all my work. Besides, my favorite author are the ones who can make me smile like a lunatic while reading in the middle of a group of people - with literal LOL moments.

Lately though, I've had a hard time being in the right mood to write humorous lines to give my characters the sass and quick wit I want them to have. Reading over the last few chapters of my WIP, Jim and Ronnie (short for Veronica) seem flat and way too dramatic. Where are my cute off-handed comments and cheeky remarks? They aren't there.

Realizing that I've had real life issues that haven't had me laughing it up lately, I started thinking about how to kick start my funny bone so that this manuscript doesn't get too far off track.

First, I started with watching a few funny TV shows and movies. Then I hit the mother load, The Comedians of Chelsea Lately were coming to town and I couldn't think of a better way to get my laugh on. It was a great night and I can already feel my funky mood lifting.

So, my challenge to myself this week is to bring the funny back into my writing. I think I've found my inspiration again so I'm ready for some zingers.

What about you? What mood, if any, do you feel the need to be in for your "voice" to come out in your writing? How do you work around not being "in the mood" for a certain type of scene?


  1. I do have to be in a mood to write funny--usually. Unless I'm aiming for just dry humor. I have to be in a mood to write my black moment too. So I usually read something depressing or dark to get in the mood for that.

  2. I'm with Jennifer. I write the mood I'm in. Sometimes, rarely, I can write myself into a light mood. But I tend to go with what is pushing me at the time. If I'm wanting to smack heads in real life, I smack heads on the paper.

    But, since smacking heads seems to be all I really want to do lately, I am working on ways to coax myself out of that mood. And watching LOL stuff on the TV does help!

    Also taking the dog out and observing her non-smacking-heads interest in life helps.

    Sabrina, taunt the pugs with new costumes. That should help!

  3. To get into the mood to write funny, I read a humorous scene from my wip. Or I'll re-read stuff a previous scene to get back in my heroine's head.

    Congrats on rediscovering your funny.


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